Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Illustrations for Children & Toddlers

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  • Suitable for all children regardless of skill level, our variation of the Sun Salutation features safe, child-friendly poses so they can safely transition from one pose to another gracefully.
  •  This series of 15 POSES come with illustrations to help children create a thematic story relating to the poses they are doing.
  • The Yoga Mat is made from non-toxic synthetic TPE material. For many reasons TPE is a safe alternative material to traditional toxic PVC yoga mats. TPE is recyclable and biodegradable and produced with much less energy than PVC yoga mats.
  • To clean and care for your yogi-me Yoga Mat: Wipe with a soft, clean cloth dipped in a small amount of mild soap with water. Do not use any harsh chemicals on your mat.  Rinse with clean water and towel dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Allow your mat to fully air dry and store away from direct sunlight.  
  • Length: 183cm  Width: 61cm Thickness: 6mm  

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