xo, Fetti Birthday Party Decorations Finally 21 Temporary Tattoos - 54 metallic styles | Rose Gold + Silver Foil 21st Birthday Gift, Birthday Girl


Brand: xo, Fetti

Color: silver, rose gold, white, black


  • RIP Fake ID: YAY! Time to throw that fake in the trash + throw on these temp tats that promise to give you all the HBD's you can handle, sis.
  • Classy, Tempy, Tatted: we took your average Plain Jane tats and gave them a bad + boujee remix - rose gold 'n' silver foil promise to make you stand out on your big night
  • Cue Your All Nighter: hey, we expect you to go cray on your 21st - so we made these tats strong enough to last all night + the morning after, too
  • We Got Options: this pack comes with 54 metallic temp tats - so you can give them to your gals, the bartender, even the bouncer who's def sick of your crew... #yolo
  • Cute Stuff Inside: and outside, too! Our tats have the cutest cardstock on the front + come 100% gift-ready for your bestie's b-day!

Details: RIP Fake ID, Baby!! We're just as excited as you are to get your DL pic. Hey, it's not your fault you didn't know you had to get your last DMV pic taken at 7am, right? Get ready to strut your stuff on your first night out as a 21 yr old (you old woman, you!) with this set of 54 metallic temp tats! We won't judge if you and the squad end up pulling an all-nighter - this set of tattoos is designed with long nights in mind + promise to stick around for a full 24 hours! Whenever you ARE ready to kiss them goodbye though, simply use baby oil, micellar water, or makeup remover! We hope your phones are charged - good luck resisting an absolute photoshoot at the club with our extra, extra sassy Finally 21 tats. Give yourself a round of applause for finding these bad boys :) These temporary tattoos truly are the ultimate 21st birthday party decoration! Oh, hey! We are xo, Fetti and we’re your one-stop shop for all your party supply needs. We believe life is a party, and you should decorate accordingly! Whether your vibe is an all-nighter at the club, a poolside party, or a living room disco setup straight out of the 70’s - consider yourself ready, set, planned. It wouldn’t be a celebration without you… and us. Normally we don’t like to invite ourselves, but some say the party don’t start til we walk in. So are we coming or what?!

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.0 x 0.1 inches