xo, Fetti Bachelorette Party Decorations Club Bride Temporary Tattoos - 32 metallic styles | Cool Bach Party Decor, Bride to Be, Engaged


Brand: xo, Fetti

Color: pink, blue, red, silver, gold, white


  • Nightlife to Bride Life: go from Miss to Mrs. in style with our Club Bride tats that feature your new favs - cherries, pizza, sparkles + hearts!
  • Classy, Tempy, Tatted: we took your average Plain Jane bach tats and gave them a bad + boujee remix - rose gold 'n' silver foil promise to make you stand out for this night you'll never forget!
  • Cue Your All Nighter: hey, we expect you to go cray for ya girl's big night - so we made these tats strong enough to last all night + the morning after, too!
  • Girls, Girls, Girls: this pack comes with 32 metallic temp tats - so you can give them out to the whole Bride Tribe, the cute bartender, even the bouncer who's def sick of your squad... #yolo
  • Cute Stuff Inside: and outside, too! Our tats have the cutest cardstock on the front + come 100% gift-ready for your bride to be's last night!

Details: Welcome to Club Bride. Congrats babe - you and your gals just made it to VIP. We bought a table and we can't wait to get down with you and the coolest Bride Tribe around. We're going ahead and giving you and your Bride Squad the green light to pull an all-nighter! And what better way to pull an all-nighter than with metallic silver + gold foil temp tats that will stay on the whole time?! Sounds like a party to us. Dazzle up your crew with 32 temp tats featuring cherries, pizza, sparkles, hearts, butterflies, AND crystal balls? Yeah, you're set. So what are you waiting for? Get the best bachelorette party accessory you could ask for - it's a fan fav ;) Oh, hey! We are xo, Fetti and we’re your one-stop shop for all your party supply needs. We believe life is a party, and you should decorate accordingly! Whether your vibe is an all-nighter at the club, a poolside party, or a living room disco setup straight out of the 70’s - consider yourself ready, set, planned. It wouldn’t be a celebration without you… and us. Normally we don’t like to invite ourselves, but some say the party don’t start til we walk in. So are we coming or what?!

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.0 x 0.1 inches