FRIENDS TV Show Collage 1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle


Building a puzzle is a great way to enrich your free time either alone or with family and friends, and doing jigsaws can help reduce stress and can be both meditative and satisfying. Enjoy an evening at home, build it on movie nights, or give one to a friend! This unique puzzle makes an unusual and thoughtful gift whatever the occasion.

  • FUN ACTIVITY: Turn on an episode of Friends as you piece together a 1000 piece collage puzzle that includes funny scenes and quotes from Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey.
  • FRIENDS PUZZLE: Reminisce on your favourite TV show with this Central Perk puzzle. Designed with the hilarious Friends comedy in mind, this item is sure to make any fan of the series smile.
  • FAVOURITE SERIES: Invite your friends around for coffee and jigsaw puzzle building as you talk about your favourite moments in one of the most loved sitcoms of all time.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: This quality collectible is a unique addition to any fan's set. Give this cool collector's merchandise to mums, dads, fans, students, kids, boys & girls who love pop culture fun!
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