All About Us

⛅ Still Eye Rise is a Dubai-based online boutique featuring works of independent designers & artisans from all over the world. 

🥑 We exist so you can add more creativity to your everyday life. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or your loved ones, we got you covered.

🌻 We curate design that has a story of purpose to tell because there is no fun in owning something that isn’t filled with culture, soul and craft. 

🌿 We believe art makes the world a better place and that kindness will save the day.

🛵 We thrive on caffeine, deep breaths, golden-hour conversations over cake, lots of plants, slow production and living mindfully. 

🌞 The name, Still Eye Rise, is derived from Maya Angelou’s poem, Still I Rise. We love how it shines light on the resilience of the human spirit which is indeed unbreakable, unstoppable, and a force to reckon with. When a business is named after a poem like that, you know it is going to put on one heck of a show.

A little something about the founder.. 

Nida Aziz is a self-taught artist who explores motifs and colour primarily through kitsch, typography and pop art. Nida has over six years of experience as a freelance jewellery designer and has always been an evangelist for emerging designers. Her multi-disciplinary approach led her to start Still Eye Rise. She is a graduate in marketing communications (advertising, PR) from the American University in Dubai and holds a gemology diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. Nida is an Indian expat born and based in Dubai.

Artist Statement 

I approach design from an abstract perspective at first - I am often inspired by words, poetry, feelings, or memories, and I attempt to blend these concepts into my design process to create a concrete depiction of the same. I feel that nature is a silent reminder of what life truly is, and observing it inevitably fuels my desire to create something extraordinary and larger than life. 

My design philosophy is simple – embrace uncertainty. When nothing is certain, everything is possible, and I believe this is also how innovation flows. My muse is the woman who carries the weight of tradition on her shoulders and yet bears the power of revolution in her step. 

With Still Eye Rise, I aim to blend my artistic sensibilities and entrepreneurial drive to create a home of possibilities for creators and art/design enthusiasts. It is a dream I have had for years now and I decided to take the leap in the fated year of twenty nineteen. I'm giving it all I've got and more because as Roald Dahl fondly said, "Lukewarm is no good." I truly hope everyone who drops by enjoys their stay and goes on to tell all their friends about us like we're a hidden gem.