All About Still Eye Rise

Still Eye Rise is like a breath of fresh air in the world of online shopping as we now know it. It’s neither a marketplace, nor a label. We’re a boutique that is dedicated to finding bright, colourful, and creative little things from around the world. We try our best to curate goodies that have a story of purpose to tell because there is no fun in owning something boring that isn’t filled with culture, soul and craft. We’re all about the daydreamers, the misfits, the ones who like to live life being true to themselves. 

A little something about the founder:

Nida Aziz is a self-taught designer who loves making shopping and gifting wish lists. Over the years, the lists got longer and she didn’t know what to do with all the good stuff. That’s when she started dreaming of a happy little space for those who like to shop better and support indie. With Still Eye Rise, she aims to blend her artistic sensibilities, with her eye for peculiar details and her glass-half-full entrepreneurial drive. All the greeting cards and art prints available here are lovingly created by Nida.