The Most Wonderful Christmas Decorations on Amazon

The Most Wonderful Christmas Decorations on Amazon

The Most Wonderful Christmas Decorations on Amazon

Whether you like your Christmas decorations to reflect yours and your loved ones’ personalities, or prefer keeping it classic with a playful twist, this list of Amazon finds will give you some fun ideas as you plan the layout of your tree. 

Gifting ornaments is also a lovely way to be a part of each other’s celebrations from afar, so we’ve tried to include as many options as we could. There’s one for every kind of person in the family - the newly wed, the traveller, the golf-obsessed dad, the pastry chef, the marine conservationist, the space geek, the diet coke junkie, the creative soul, the foodie, the new baby, etc. 

Brace yourselves for some serious tree decorating inspiration. Here we go..

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Cup Saucer Ornaments, Kurt Adler, $16.99 

The Bridgerton tribe is going to love this one. 

Cup Saucer Ornaments

Box of Crayons Ornament, Old World Christmas, $14.96

Bring a smile to a little artist’s face with this sparkly box of crayons. 

Box of Crayons Ornament

Pizza Slice Ornament, Old World Christmas, $11.69

For the one who can’t live without pizza.

Pizza Slice Ornament

Hand Sanitizer Ornament, Old World Christmas, $14.11

For the one who takes sanitizing a little too seriously.

sanitiser, Hand Sanitizer Ornament

Turtle Santa Ornament, Kurt Adler, $16.57

Totes adorbs. 

Turtle Santa Ornament

Friends Christmas Decorations, Set of 4, Paladone, $14.99

This one says, I’ll be there for you, coz you’re there for me too. Gift it to the Rachel to your Monica, or the Joey to your Chandler. 

Friends TV Show Christmas Decorations

Handmade David Bowie Ornament, Telestic Design, $9.99

A must-have for all the Bowie fans out there. 

Handmade David Bowie Ornament

Handmade Princess Leia Ornament, Telestic Design, $10.99

Here’s to the glorious Princess Leia. #TeamStarWars

Handmade Princess Leia Ornament

Handmade Frida Kahlo Ornament, Telestic Design, $10.99

For the women who are as fearless in their pursuits as Frida.

Handmade Frida Kahlo Ornament

Handmade Mr. and Mrs. Jigsaw Pieces, Telestic Design, $10.99

Joy to those who found their soulmates. 

newly wed ornament

Handmade Face Mask Ornament, Cypress and Whim, $12.99

Cheers to surviving another year!

covid, corona, Face Mask Ornament

Chocolate-dipped Strawberry Ornament, Old World Christmas, $14.72

Ambrosia alert! 

Chocolate-dipped Strawberry Ornament

French Fries Ornament, Old World Christmas, $14.32

For the french fries lover in your life. 

French Fries Ornament

Stand Mixer Ornament, Old World Christmas, $13.49

One for all the pastry chefs in the house.

Baking, Cake, Stand Mixer Ornament

Mac & Cheese Ornament, Old World Christmas, $15.29

A cheesy Christmas gift.

Food, Mac & Cheese Ornament

Peanut Butter Ornament, Old World Christmas, $14.39

Who doesn’t love peanut butter?

Peanut Butter Ornament

Disco Inferno Musical Ornament, Hallmark Keepsake, $19.99

The party has just begun. 

Disco Inferno Musical Ornament

Christmas Baking Ornament, Hallmark Keepsake, $15.60

We whisk you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Baking Ornament

Candy Cane Poop Emoji Ornament, Hallmark Keepsake, $18.96

Few things in life feel as good as a good poop and Christmas with all the people you love. 

Candy Cane Poop Emoji Ornament

Golf Cart Ornament, Kurt Adler, $12.98

For the dad who never gets tired of golf.

Golf Cart Ornament

Candy Cane Ornaments, Kurt Adler, $22.99

Super cute.

Candy Cane Ornaments

Santa at the Beach Ornament, Cape Shore, $11.29

Santa needs some downtime too. 

Gone to the Beach Ornament

Miss Gingerbread with a Candy Cane Ornament, Kurt Adler, $10.29

Candylicious ornament for the sugar-obsessed on your list.

Miss Gingerbread with a Candy Cane Ornament

Diet Coke Can Ornament, Kurt Adler, $10.81

Diet coke makes everything better. At least for some of us, it does.

Diet Coke Can Ornament

Plaid Glass Ball Ornaments, Kurt Adler, $36.44

For those who like to keep it classic.

Plaid Glass Ball Ornaments

Solar System Ornaments, Kurt Adler, $50.81

One for all the space geeks in the house.

Solar System Ornaments

Starfish, Clam Shell & Seahorse Ornaments, Delton, $23.99

Beautiful trio of coastal ornaments.

Starfish, Clam Shell & Seahorse Ornaments

Cupcake Ornaments, Kurt Adler, $10.48

Gotta keep up the sugar quotient high because Christmas calories don’t count, and these pretty little things literally don’t have any.

cake, Cupcake Ornaments

Luggage Ornament, Kurt Adler, $13.62

For those smitten by wanderlust.

wanderlust, travel, Luggage Ornament

Harry Potter Ornaments, Hallmark, $12.99

Harry Potter fans will love this cute set of 6 tin ornaments, add their favourite candies inside for a sweet surprise.  

Harry Potter Ornaments

Dumbo - Baby's First Christmas Ornament, Disney, $48.98

The detailing on this Dumbo ornament is out of this world. This one’s going to be a keeper in your family for generations to come. They don’t make ‘em like that often. 

Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Baby's First Christmas Ornament, Disney

Coffee Ornament, Old World Christmas, $13.49

For those of us who can’t function without caffeine. Why should our trees be any different?

Starbucks, costa Coffee, takeaway coffee cup Ornament

Breakfast Ornament, Old World Christmas, $16.99

For those with fine taste.

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